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Dissolution or Renewal Filing for $49 (Regularly $75)
$49/ year Las Vegas address if you change agent to us
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Bulk Filing of Your Entities:
  • If you have Minimum 25 entities to register, we can provide you our bulk Articles filing discounted price as follows. (Note that the State Articles filing fee of $75 and Initial List filing fee of $125 will need to be paid. Also note that the following fees do not include Initial List filing by us).

    Also, if you are a Nevada Incorporator or Registered Agent service provider you can hire us to do your filings.

      Up to 100 = $49 each
      101 to 500 = $39 Each
      501 to 1000 = $29 Each
      1001 and higher = $19 Each
  • If you will need Registered Agent Service from us, our annual registered Agent Service discounted fees for bulk entities are as follows:

    • Up to 25 = $75 each
      26 to 100 = $65 Each
      101 to 500 = $55 Each
      501 to 1000 = $45 Each
      1001 and higher = $35 Each

      We do recommend obtaining Registered Agent service from us so that we can electronically file the Annual Lists next year and every subsequent years. This is because automatic electronic filing is required by computer bots to file large number of annual filings.
    How it works:

    1. We will file the Articles with NV Sec of State one at a time.

    2. We can file in average 50-70 entities per day and you receive the formation documents back the next day by email. Note: For special projects, we can add additional manpower to get your filings done.
    What we will need from you:

    1. A Spread sheet (in Excel format) with the following columns:

    - LLC/ corporation Name
    - Name(s) of Manager(s) for each LLC or Officers of each Corporation
    - The Organizer or incorporator's information (Name, Address) as well Registered Agent's information (if you are not obtaining Registered Agent service from us) will need to be provided beforehand and this information will be same for each entity.

    2. If you are an Incorporator or Registered Agent service provider you can hire us to do your daily filings and you can email us your daily filings.
To get started with bulk filing, please call us at 1-775-453-NVFY (6839) or Contact us online
Nevada Registered Agent for $75
Our Nevada Registered Agent Service is being offered today at $75 per year per entity. We are registered with State of Nevada as Commercial Registered Agent.
$49/year Las Vegas Address
If you change Registered Agent to us, today, we will include your own Las Vegas, NV address for just $49/ year. You pay for mail forwarding cost.
Dissolve or Renew for $49
Single entity Dissolution or Renewal filing = $49 (Regularly $75) + State fee.
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We help you manage your existing Nevada entities at a low price. We prepare and do the filings for you with State of Nevada. We provide cheap Registered Agent service.
Please click on the link below to see the Frequently Asked Questions Click here and choose an option to Dissolve, Renew or Manage your Nevada entities.
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